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Modules are a new feature added in Leaf 3 which basically takes parts of Leaf and separates them into installable chunks which can be used both inside and outside of Leaf.

Modules are framework/library agnostic, which means that they'll work just about everywhere with zero config just as with Leaf itself.

Modules can be quickly installed through composer or the leaf CLI with a single command.

Why modules?

The biggest question people ask with Leaf 3 is why we decided to switch to modules, stripping leaf of almost all it's code.

@mychidarko put an article together on why we decided to switch to modules instead of maintaining the whole code together. We also have a GitHub discussion introducing leaf 3 and everything you need to know about it, we explain modules further here.

Installing modules

Modules are always published on composer and can be installed through composer CLI or the leaf CLI.


composer require leafs/<module-name>

Leaf CLI:

leaf install <module-name>

List of available modules

This list is still being updated, you can keep checking for updates.

router Router module for leaf PHP
anchor Basic security tools
csrf CSRF plugin for leaf anchor
experiments collection of experimental modules
mail Mailing made easy with leaf
auth Simple but powerful authentication system for your apps
form Form processes and validation
password Password encryption/validation/hashing in one box
db-old Leaf Db from v1 (still maintained)
db Leaf Db from v2 (actively maintained)
session PHP sessions made simple
cookie Cookie management without the tears
fs Awesome filesystem operations + file uploads
date PHP dates for humans
bareui Dead simple templating engine with no compilation (blazing speed)
blade Laravel blade templating port for leaf
veins Leaf veins templating engine
http Http operations made simple (request, response, ...)
mvc-core Core MVC tools powering our MVC wrappers
aloe Overpowered cli for our MVC wrappers
fetch HTTP requests made simple
logger Easy logger module
redis Redis module
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