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Leaf 3.0

Simple and elegant PHP

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Approachable 👨🏾‍🏫

Builds on top of standard PHP with a flexible learning curve + ZERO config.

Versatile ☃️

A rich, incrementally adoptable ecosystem of modules to build powerful apps with.

Efficient ⏰

Blazing Fast
‹40KB Source
Crazy development time


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Thanks for making this! I have been looking for an alternative to Silex for a few years now. I have tried other frameworks like Lumen, ...


I'm currently looking for a framework to replace our in-house built MVC framework which we have spent quite some time building over the...


Awesome, I just found about it and already using it for a client's site. Clean, well organized and the MVC versión is just great!!!

Carlos Cárdenas

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Released under the MIT License.

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