# Aloe CLI: Misc Commands

# Serve command

This command allows you to run your Leaf app using PHP's built in server.

  Start the leaf development server

  serve [options] [--] [<path>]

  path                  Path to your app (in case you changed it)

  -p, --port[=PORT]     Port to run Leaf app on [default: 5500]

# Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a feature that allows you to generate big blocks of code and full features without writing a single line of code. For now, auth scaffolding is the only type of scffolding available in Aloe CLI, however, it comes ready built for both APIs and web apps.

# auth scaffolding

This will generate views, controllers, routes and models required for authentication and provide your app with working authentication in only one command.

$ php leaf scaffold:auth

  Scaffold basic app authentication

  scaffold:auth [options]

  -s, --session         Use session/session + JWT instead of just JWT
  -a, --api             Use JWT for authentication

Note that aloe will automatically use the session version on Leaf MVC and the api version on Leaf API.

# Next Steps