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Aloe CLI: Misc Commands

Serve command

This command allows you to run your Leaf app using PHP's built in server.

  Start the leaf development server

  serve [options] [--] [<path>]

  path                  Path to your app (in case you changed it)

  -p, --port[=PORT]     Port to run Leaf app on [default: 5500]


Scaffolding is a feature that allows you to generate big blocks of code and full features without writing a single line of code. For now, auth scaffolding is the only type of scffolding available in Aloe CLI, however, it comes ready built for both APIs and web apps.

auth scaffolding

This will generate views, controllers, routes and models required for authentication and provide your app with working authentication in only one command.

$ php leaf scaffold:auth

  Scaffold basic app authentication

  scaffold:auth [options]

  -s, --session         Use session/session + JWT instead of just JWT
  -a, --api             Use JWT for authentication

Note that aloe will automatically use the session version on Leaf MVC and the api version on Leaf API.

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